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I laugh at peasants who drink alcohol while clubbing

Do you realize how beta you look by standing around with a beer held to your chest? it signals that you're common and uninteresting, and girls wont even look twice at you if you're adopting this classic loser pose. You might as well be wearing a tshirt that says "alcohol makes me less awkward"

Classy men drink energy drinks (red bull for the 1%ers) while clubbing. it makes you stand out from the crowd, shows you're not afraid of public opinion, and actually enhances your mind and your wit instead of dulling it. you'll radiate maturity and confidence, which will be in stark contrast to 90% of the other guys there.

The absolute highest quality girls in the club will go for the guy who is enjoying an extreme branded caffeinated beverage, savoring the taste and being at peace with his surroundings while 100% sober.

High quality girls will likely be into either yoga or working out, and they will value that you take care of your body by choosing energy over a toxin. If you're a frustrated DOAer and you haven't tried this route already, its about time you did.

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Electronic thug. A pale, pimple faced, skinny white kid who would most likely burn up if he came into contact with natural sunlight. Spends all of his time threatening people over the internet to compensate for his lack of a life and hatred of humanity for not accepting him.

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